5 comments on “Fanart vs. Fanfiction: Why Is One So Much More Acceptable?

  1. I love reading fanfiction, though mostly yaoi so you might not be interested. I’ve written some fanfiction before as well and find it a wonderful medium to share creativity. If you’re interested in fanfiction, there’s plenty at fanfiction.net and adultfanfiction.net.

  2. I think fanfiction is starting to change. Quite big money making books are fanfiction (50 shades of grey, After, and Mortal Instruments). I think writers slowly are starting to open up more to fanfiction and dont feel so terrified about saying that they write fanfiction. I agree with you. There shouldnt be any trouble at all. They are only getting inspired by an already existing idea, but they are not copying it. They are developing their own world and making it unique in their own way. But I think not everyone sees it like that. Luckily I do think it is starting to change, especially after these books have become so popular and important 🙂

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